The First Christian Symposium On Aliens
Results of the Symposium


Christian Symposium on Aliens - Results

In July of 2009 eleven Christian ministers and scholars were asked 50 questions on on the UFO/Alien Phenomenon. The questions, and the majority answers, can be seen below.
Note that all participants have spent years investigating the UFO topic from a Biblical perspective, and many are published authors on the topic.

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Participants: William Alnor, PhD /Gary Bates / Michael Bennett, PhD / Pastor Russ Dizdar / Joe Jordan, OM / Michael S. Heiser, PhD / Guy Malone / Nicole Malone / L.A. Marzulli, DMin / Pastor Chris Ward, DMin / Stephen Yulish, PhD

ET Life

Defining alien or extraterrestrial life as biological and indigenous to a place that is not the Earth (including other planets, solar systems, galaxies, outer-space, or anywhere in the universe):
We all know that God "could have" created extraterrestrial life IF He so chose.

1. Do you believe God created extraterrestrial life that would fall in the same categories as bacteria, plants, or animals? No

2. Do you believe God created intelligent extraterrestrial life, comparable to mankind? No

Let’s say hypothetically that God did create intelligent biological extraterrestrial life, comparable to mankind, elsewhere in the universe:

3. Do you believe that intelligent extraterrestrial life forms have traveled to or are currently visiting earth? No

4. From your studies, do you think there is conclusive proof to show that intelligent extraterrestrial life-forms have interacted with mankind? No

5. Do you think that any encounters with genuine extraterrestrial biological life (not angels, etc) are mentioned historically in the Bible? No



UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. Many UFO sightings are eventually explained to be natural phenomena such as planes, weather balloons, satellites, and planets. Yet a sizable portion of UFO sightings are never explained.

6. Taking a cue from Lynn Marzulli’s talk title; do you believe that UFO phenomenon is “real,
burgeoning, and not going away?” Yes
7. Do you believe that some UFO sightings are caused by natural phenomena? Yes

8. Do you believe that some UFO sightings may be Top Secret advanced military aircraft? Yes

9. Do you believe that some UFO sightings are caused by neither natural phenomena nor manmade
aircraft, but rather, would fit into another category (or categories)? Yes

As to another category, John Keel wrote in “UFOs : Operation Trojan Horse” that "The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon..."

10. Do you agree with this statement? Yes

11. Do you believe that some UFO sightings are caused by extraterrestrials visiting earth? No

12. Do you believe that some UFO sightings are caused by evil spirits, known as fallen angels? Yes

Biblically, we see that angels interact with the physical world, sometimes leaving physical evidence – such as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the blinding of men at Sodom and Gomorrah, and the illnesses Job suffered at the hand of Satan.
In some documented cases of UFO encounters, injuries such as burns and sickness have been reported. Also, in some cases, indentations or scorching has been left on the ground in the area where the UFO was seen. Electronic malfunctions have also been reported, such as the 1967 “Malmstrom” case in which the Air Force documented that about 8 nuclear missiles went to a “No-Go” status due to a Guidance and Control System malfunction. A UFO was reported by Air Force personnel to have been seen hovering at the site.

            13. Do you believe fallen angels can cause these kinds of physical manifestations such as: people seeing an Unidentified Flying Object, associated physical injuries, physical traces, and/or electronic malfunctions? Yes


Some people, referred to as “abductees”, report experiencing real encounters with “aliens” of various races including grays, reptilians, and Nordics which look human. These abduction reports often include fearful situations such as kidnapping, painful examinations, sexual violation, and torture. After abduction experiences, abductees sometimes notice cuts, bruises, and marks of injury, and also sometimes develop strange or rare illnesses. Spaceships are often said to be involved, and the “aliens” claim to be from other planets, star systems in this galaxy, or other places in the universe.

Polls done by Roper, CNN, Gallup and other organizations suggest that 1-3% of the U.S. population have had experiences which they identify as “alien abduction.” Without passing judgment on whether the activity they are reporting is extraterrestrial or not…

14. Do you believe that the overwhelming majority of these people are basing this belief on a real experience they’ve had? Yes

15. Do you believe that the overwhelming majority of these people are telling the truth (as they know it)? Yes

16. Do you believe that the overwhelming majority of these people are crazy or delusional? No

17. Do you believe these reports should be attributed to extraterrestrial visitation? No

18. Do you believe these reports should be attributed to a spiritual phenomenon? Yes

19. Do you believe the experience to be positive or spiritually beneficial to the “abducted” individuals? No

20. Do you believe the experience to be harmful or spiritually damaging to the “abducted” individuals? Yes

Many in the realm of secular UFO and abduction studies report that a major focus of the abduction phenomena seems to be “hybridization,” i.e., reports that alien entities are cross-breeding with humans, producing hybrid children.

21. Do you believe that actual hybridization is taking place amongst humans and extraterrestrial biological entities? No

22. Assuming that “aliens” are actually fallen angels, do you believe that hybridization is taking place amongst humans and fallen angels? No

Joe Jordan lectured on the idea that many of the people who believe they are experiencing alien visitation and abductions have terminated the experience through the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Pastors Chris Ward and Russ Dizdar minister similarly.

23. Do you believe that people who are experiencing the phenomena referred to as “alien abduction” can stop the experience through the name and authority of Jesus Christ? Yes

24. Do you believe that fallen angels or demons have the abilities necessary to cause the “alien abduction” phenomenon? Yes

25. Do you believe that the experience referred to as “alien abduction” is caused by evil spirits known as demons or fallen angels? Yes


26. Do you believe entities commonly referred to as / claiming to be “aliens” are imparting anti-biblical doctrines to contactees and abductees? Yes 

27. Do you believe that these anti-biblical messages are from authentic extraterrestrials? No

The Bible states in 1 Timothy 4:1 that in the last days people will “give heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of devils” …

28. Do you believe this scripture to be applicable to this phenomenon? Yes 

29. Do you believe that there are antichrist or evil spirits behind the formation of Alien/UFO cults? Yes

Many abductees report that these “alien” entities say that they created humanity through genetic engineering, or seeded the planet earth with their DNA.  

30. Do you believe this could be the case? No 

31. Do you believe the Bible allows for this possibility? No 

Some abductees have been told by the “aliens” that Jesus was a “hybrid”, with an “alien” father. Abductees also report being told that the “aliens” work with, or for, Jesus.

32. Do you think Jesus Christ could have been a hybrid alien-human? No 

33. Do you think the entities responsible for abductions could be working with or for Jesus Christ? No 

34. Assuming for the possibility of authentic extraterrestrials visiting Earth, who do not know or do not believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, do you think aliens might still have anything of a spiritual nature that we could benefit by learning from them? No



Reality television shows like Ghost Hunters and UFO Hunters are growing in popularity, especially among youth. Alien themes and ghost themes in movies and television have risen dramatically in recent decades.

The percentages of people who believe in extraterrestrial life have vastly increased in recent decades, according to polls and surveys. According to a Roper Poll, 37% believe intelligent Extraterrestrials have interacted with us, and 21% believe Extraterrestrials abduct people. Also, according to a CBS poll, 48% of Americans now believe in ghosts. 

35. Culturally speaking, do you believe that the “poltergeist/ghost” phenomenon is comparable to the “alien abduction” phenomenon? Yes

36. Regarding spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry, do you believe that “alien” encounters are comparable to “ghost” encounters? Yes 



Some of the world believes that life is the result of spontaneous generation; humanity evolved through natural selection, and rejects the idea of God as the intelligent Creator of all life… 

37. Do you believe that a popular belief in aliens can be used to encourage belief in the theory of evolution? Yes 

38. Do you think that belief in extraterrestrial-human hybridization can be used to encourage a belief in the theory of evolution? Yes

Panspermia or Exogenesis is the belief that life on earth was seeded or randomly carried here by meteors (for example), from somewhere else. These beliefs are heavily tied to the theory of evolution, and the idea that there are older biological life forms elsewhere in the universe, than exist on the Earth.  

39. Do you think that a popular belief in aliens can be used to encourage belief in the theory of evolution via Panspermia or Exogenesis? Yes



Many Christians believe that the book of Revelation teaches that in the future, the Antichrist, making all people take his mark, will rule over the entire world in a one-world-government system. 

40. Do you believe that the “Alien” and UFO Phenomena could play a significant role in the fulfillment of the events in the book of Revelation? Yes 

41. Do you believe that, at some point in the future, there might be an official declaration that intelligent extraterrestrials are real and interacting with mankind? Yes 

42. Do you think that a popular belief in aliens – hostile or not – could be used to encourage mankind to unite politically, and eventually help bring about the one-world government system under the Antichrist? Yes

43. Do you believe fallen angels might be capable of deceiving mankind, on a large scale, into believing they, the fallen angels, are extraterrestrials? Yes 


The Church

44. As a Christian researcher who has put some time into the study of people's encounters with "aliens", do you agree that "demonology" is an apt description of the “alien abduction” phenomenon? Yes

45. Do you believe that the facts and claims represented by the UFO and “alien” phenomena warrant further theological evaluation by the Christian church? Yes

46. Do you believe the church should categorize “alien abduction” as a spiritual warfare topic? Yes

47. Do you believe the church should regard “alien abduction” in the same category as “ghosts” and “magic”? Yes

48. Do you believe the church should regard “abductees” as under a form of spiritual attack, much in the same manner as people with “ghost activity” in their homes or people attacked by “incubus or succubus”? Yes

49. Do you believe deliverance ministries could do more to help “alien abductees”? Yes

50. Do you believe the Christian church should be doing more targeted efforts to reach the Alien/UFO subculture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Yes



William Alnor, PhD
Gary Bates
Michael Bennett, PhD
 Pastor Russ Dizdar
 Joe Jordan, OM
 Michael S. Heiser, PhD
 Guy Malone
 Nicole Malone
 L.A. Marzulli, DMin
 Pastor Chris Ward, DMin
 Stephen Yulish, PhD

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