The Testimony of Mary II

I accidentally found you by listening to different podcasts.....I listened about the alien abduction thing. I was very, very surprised when I heard people's testimonies......because it sounded like was happening to me...except that the entity that was coming to me was a demon....I am 51 years old. I was saved in 1985 at 24 years old. I grew up Roman Catholic. At 16 I was raped and it really messed me up. At 19 I joined the Air Force to get away from all of the reminders. I then became an alcoholic in the 23, passed out on a bar stool, I awoke to a man arguing with police, stating he would take me home and not to take me to jail. Didn't know the man. My next memory is this man in my home with a bible, quoting scriptures. I became enraged. Within one week of this encounter...I went to bed. I heard voices outside of my a party or something. It became louder. I remember being annoyed and how rude they were. The next thing I knew....suddenly I became paralyzed....physically and with the most incredible fear that I've ever felt.....I knew instantly that it was evil. I struggled hard to open my eyes. I saw in front of me, a huge black figure..hooded...and all I saw was his eyes. He had his hand around my throat and he was speaking Latin. I couldn't speak or scream. It felt like something was holding my mouth. I struggled and struggled again to be able to speak....I tried to say the "Hail Mary" was all I wouldn't leave.......finally, after what felt like 30 minutes or did..and I tore out of my apt...across the street, half dressed and called my mother. From that day on, they thought I was crazy. I was not credible for years with my family after that. I was always being referred to psychiatrists, etc.....For years...this thing came to me.....I could give more detail another time. But after I became I dealt with this demon changed too....I began to say the name of Jesus and it would leave......another time.....very, very husband had the same encounter, exactly when I did...he wasn't saved and didn't understand...but it terrified it happened to us both, out son, who was 2 years old at the time, screamed at the same was then I realized for myself that I wasn't crazy...if it happened to them too. 2006.....the presence came back as usual....I was so used to this by now, that I could tell long before it manifested that it was about to happen....I felt my bed start to lift off the floor...and I said..."Oh no you don't....the blood of Jesus Christ" left..poof and never opinion is the name of Jesus would make it leave...but when I said the blood of Jesus never returned....theologically I know that it is the blood that Christ shed for us, that defeated Satan.....I know how terrifying this is when it happens....but remember...the devil is even more terrified of Jesus a Christian, you have the authority to use that name. I'm writing to you I guess. to give you some confirmation and to validate you....I know these people think they are aliens because they look like greys....but what they say happens to them is the same exact thing that happened to me...except the Lord let me see it for what it really times this demon would pull me up and slam me to the floor.....etc. The blood of Jesus Christ...his name is the only thing these demons will listen to. These are not is not psychological..they are demons.....sometimes demons disguise themselves as "angels of light"....other times you can see them for what they are.......God bless you.