The Testimony of Lisa


I just watched the video Age of Deceit. I wanted to contact you as I have also had more than one experience that is very similar, to others and by stating the name of Jesus Christ I was let go.

I have experienced on more than three separate occasions in less than 1 year, situations that I could not explain, and I thought they were evil, but I have not heard of anyone else who had this happen until this video. I am in shock at what I am hearing, but at the same time relieved that I am not alone. I am going to keep this short, but feel free to contact me, I do not mind these being published.

The first time this happened was last year, in April. Whatever it was, picked me up by my hair and when I yelled Jesus Christ I was released. On the next occasion was right after that, and I was literally being lifted up out of the bed "spiritually", I could see my daughter from above, and I said the name again, and it dropped me. (whatever it is).

The next incident, and this is going to sound very crazy, a "wolf" was pacing around my bed. It reminded me of the "wolf in sheep's clothing". My two little boys were stolen through the court system here in the US and the wolf was in direct correlation to them. The one thing about this one was that I remember was sweating and in a panic, as if I was having heart failure. It was very real, just as the other experiences.

I experienced in February of this year, a long alien like finger that was stroking my face and tried to drag me out my bedroom door. Once again, i said the name and it let me go. When I say drag, it was a spiritually leaving of my body, not physical, however, its swift moving. I have had not only dreams where I am saying Jesus Christ is my king, to beings surrounding me and my children, numerous dreams about tornadoes, but also my children and I have documented numerous dreams that have come to pass.

I would like to add that I have been in a huge "custody" battle within the court system, my boys are hung up in this, a lot of this has come from trying to get away from the system, and raise my family. The courts are an evil entity in and of themselves.

I hope that this helps in some form, as I stated I do not mind speaking about this to you if interested.

In Him