Abductions: Are They Spiritual or Physical Experiences?

Our stated positions on the reality of the perceived “alien abduction” experience, including the modern "hybrid" aspect of the experience, can be summarized by this Biblical examination of the available modern evidence.
It is worth noting first that many professional UFO researchers agree that over 95% of all UFO sightings are best classified as “mis-identifieds” ; that is, a natural phenomena or an “identified flying object” simply mistaken for something else (aliens, paranormal activity, etc). The focus of our research and ministry is the small percentage of phenomena that can possibly be explained as paranormal; however we do not believe that there is anything supernatural, paranormal, nor authentically extra-terrestrial behind the vast numbers of UFO reports being recorded today. I.E., just because someone reports (correctly or incorrectly) that they’ve had a UFO sighting does not imply they have experienced anything out of the norm, or are in need of / will benefit from what we offer (other than perhaps intellectually or spiritually). In short, our research and ministry is therefore only personally applicable to a relatively small percentage of the population (but nonetheless, in the millions, according to polls).
That said, a leading indicator for us in regards to whether the person reporting any such confusing experience(s) may be paranormal – and therefore within the scope of our teachings and ministry – is, “Was there any type of communication from an entity (or entities), and if so, was anything said about God, or spirituality?” Surprisingly – and leading secular researchers will confirm this – an amazingly high number of those who identify themselves as “abductees” or “contactees” will answer these questions affirmatively. It is then that we are able to examine the messages and compare them to the Bible. Often we find convincing evidence that the person is actually being contacted/harassed/abused by a fallen angel (often pretending to be an alien, in fact), and when this is the case, our counsel has proven effective to many individuals for terminating the contactee/abductee experience – both in the moment, and as a life pattern.
We affirm that angelic manifestations can and do at times leave physical evidence on a human (scars and bruising, for example) and sometimes on the environment (burn marks on the ground, radar blips, photographic documentation, for example). Biblically, recall that the angel Gabriel appeared to Zechariah to announce to him John the Baptist’s birth and future ministry, and then left Zechariah physically both “…dumb, and unable to speak” (Luke 1:20) until the appointed time.
We also affirm that VISIONARY experiences initiated by an angel – whether by the holy angels or the “fallen” ones – can indeed likewise leave physical evidence (a case that can be scripturally supported, see below). In many cases, whether the experience is a completely real physical manifestation or a completely real visionary experience sometimes becomes extremely difficult to discern… either by the experiencer, or by what scripture actually says when reporting the incident.
Firstly, both The Old and New Testaments report that angels can and do appear to us in DREAMS – i.e., three separate times to Mary’s husband Joseph. (Read Matthew ch 1 & 2. See also Genesis 31:1 where “the angel of God spoke to (Jacob) in a dream…”) The famous “wise men” were in fact “…warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod” Matt 2:12 – whether they were warned by an angel, The Angel of The Lord, or some other way from God is unclear. However, scripture is clear that God (cf especially Job 33:14-17) and angels do interact with and speak to humans at times while we are in our normal dreaming state. (Many more biblical examples can be found using BLB.org and entering the word “dream.”)
The Bible never indicates that angelic experiences should be dismissed as not “really” happening because they were “just a dream.” Rather, the Bible clearly states cases where “Thy dream, and the visions of thy head upon thy bed…” (Daniel 2:28) are real experiences (!) that indeed happened to the person. The Bible routinely records both certain dreams and visions as actual historical events that occurred in the experiencers’ lives; we therefore likewise affirm such experiences that happen in modern times to be actual historical events in the experiencers’ lives.
Dreams aside, in Genesis 32:25 Jacob wrestled with a physically manifested angel, and was wounded. It was not the illusion of a limp for the rest of his life, nor a delusion of some sort. The event certainly took place in “normal” space and time.
Angels did manifest physically, and dined on bread, butter, milk and beef with Abraham (Genesis 18). They did not create the illusion of the food disappearing – it really got consumed by them. Likewise, the angels that rescued Lot and his family also ate bread with Lot (Genesis 19:3) and did indeed strike certain citizens of Sodom with real and probably permanent blindness (Gen 19:11).
Ezekiel describes an appearance of a remarkable visitation of God (which many today quite wrongly declare to be a “spacecraft”), yet in the telling he absolutely qualifies the experience by stating – TWICE – that this was indeed “a vision” (Ez 1:1 and 43:3). During this visionary experience, Ezekiel even describes the physical realities and sensations he experienced – such as his eating of a scroll, which he says tasted like honey (Ez 3:3; compare to Rev 10:10).

Much of the rest of the Book of Ezekiel describes the exhaustively detailed nature(s) of his many visionary experiences (much like John’s Revelation also does). Ezekiel was likewise transported – not literally, physically – but rather “in visions of God” by an angel to Jerusalem (Ez 8:3) and to Israel (Ez 40:2).

Daniel experienced a waking visionary visitation by an angel - while he was in the presence of other men (Dan 10:7). Daniel identifies the experience as a vision that he “…alone saw. The men with me saw not the vision, but a great quaking fell upon them, so that they fled…” Here Daniel is fully cognizant of the angel and is fully experiencing the vision (opposed to a complete physical manifestation, which the others would have likewise seen) yet the visionary experience was powerful enough and shared by them to such an extent that caused them fear. Daniel describes many events that he perceived as physically happening to him (being repositioned by the angel, his lips touched, etc - read Dan 10) yet again maintains that the experience was a vision.

(The overlap or similarity to what alien "abductees" report should be apparent here. We maintain that - while hard to grasp perhaps - the Bible teaches that certain experiences best defined biblically as visions do indeed involve experiences with angels that produce lasting physical memories and effects.)

Isaiah’s commissioning (Isa 6) certainly cannot be argued to have been on earth in normal space and time, but took place while the prophet appeared at the very throne of God. (Nothing is mentioned here as to how he got there.) What IS mentioned is the intense detail of what he saw – highly descriptive details of six-winged seraphim, their cries of “Holy, holy, holy…”, door posts moving, the room filling with smoke, and his own intense emotional conviction of uncleanness – assuaged by the seraphim removing a hot coal from the alter and touching it to Isaiah’s lips.
From just these few – but key – examples it is made plain from scripture that the visionary experience initiated by angels can involve all sorts of physical detail, as well as sights, sounds, tastes, smells and emotions – as well as “trips” to other locations – that can be remembered in detail after the vision has concluded.
Saul (aka the apostle Paul), on Damascus Road, was surrounded by a bright light and he – only -personally heard the voice of the risen and eternally living Jesus Christ. According to scripture, Saul/Paul’s companions also saw a light and heard a voice (BUT compare Acts 9 and 26 accounts – even in scriptural recounting one verse says they DID hear the voice, another says they did NOT. The discrepancy probably involves whether they heard EVERY word – one thing is certain, scripture is here recording that visionary experience(s) can indeed be very quite personally subjective, and that unique, differing personal experiences occur even to people who were experiencing the exact same thing, at the same time). Saul was left literally physically blinded in the aftermath of the experience, even though others who likewise “saw” the light were not. In this particular case, Saul/Paul (like Daniel and Ezekiel) possibly both saw and heard things which the others simply did not, and was also affected in a way the others were not.
Peter was released from chains and broken out of prison by a physically manifested angel. Interestingly, Peter – who was already experienced with having visionary experiences (the unclean foods / Gentiles vision, Acts 10:9-19) – was confused over whether the angel was present physically, or whether he was experiencing a vision (Please read Acts 12:9). This (and Paul’s report, later) suggests that there is much room for confusion when dealing with angels and/or visionary experiences, even among the (assumed) more experienced and discerning of individuals. We ask, how much more is this likely true today for the uninitiated, unlearned, undiscerning, or those unbelieving today of the Bible itself, and the true nature of the angelic visionary experiences described in great detail in the Bible?
Jesus was transported to the top of the temple by Satan -, as a result of the fallen angel (Lucifer)’s presence. But Jesus was also “shown all the kingdoms of the world in an instant” which is literally impossible, suggesting a manipulation of reality, or that He (in his mortal incarnation) likewise was experiencing a visionary experience under the (fallen) angel’s influence, just as many other men in the Bible did also. Ezekiel also was taken to the temple in Jerusalem, but in a vision (Eze 40:2, 41:1).
Similarly to Ezekiel’s visions, The Apostle John was likewise “carried away” – not physically, but  “in the spirit” (Rev 17:3, 21:10) by an angel and shown fantastic things. John also reports the extremely detailed physical experience of eating a book from the angel’s hand (Rev 10:10) and describing it as tasting of honey and leaving his belly bitter! There is no doubt in our view that angelic experiences that happen completely in the non-physical spiritual realm can be described in great detail afterwards as very real experiences happening to the person in question, and in some cases leaving physical proof, and/or exhaustive memories of physical sensations.
Paul – speaking specifically of “visions and revelations” (2 Cor 12:1) – describes “a man” caught up to the third heaven. Was this literal, or visionary? Paul answers twice that even he “cannot tell…” (2 Cor 2:2-3, English-language translation). But by this, is Paul saying that he “could not rightfully discern” well enough to give an absolute answer, or that he “was not permitted” to answer the question? While he does say that it was unlawful for him to speak of the words that were spoken during the experience, the Strong’s Concordance of the Greek definition for “tell” (KJV) both times in this passage reveals that in actuality Paul did not truly “see” or “know” the answer well enough to answer correctly on the nature of the experience itself with any confidence.
This is important! Paul (who most likely personally experienced this, and) who had the apostolic authority to answer this doctrinal question, leaves us with the important fact that the visionary experience is all but completely indistinguishable from common every day reality and experiences – and vice-versa. He simply answered that “God knows” the truth, but even Paul himself could not say with certainty whether this experience took place in normal reality, or was a vision. It is reasonable to conclude therefore that visions can easily be mistaken for reality, especially within the context of our modern culture, which as a whole is largely unlearned about the reality and nature of angelic and visionary experiences.
Our position is that Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, Peter, Paul, John and others had real experiences. It would be heresy to suggest that these experiences “did not really happen” or that they were delusions, illusions, or deceptions. (We think that most of orthodox, Bible believing Christendom would agree.)
They were real experiences which the Bible terms “visions” – defined by Strong’s in the Old Testament Hebrew as “to see, perceive, behold, prophesy as a seer in the ecstatic state” and in the New Testament Greek sometimes as “an appearance presented to one whether asleep or awake” and sometimes as “a sight divinely granted in an ecstasy or asleep.”
While not a biblical resource, we also submit the findings of the famed secular researcher, Dr. Jacques Vallee (who spoke before the U.N. on the fact that while there was no scientific evidence that “aliens” were visiting earth, some force was creating a global belief system that such was true, and he cautioned the nations to be wary of this intentionally fabricated belief system; cf, Vallee’s Messengers of Deception; Appendix : Address to U.N.) …
Quite concisely, in an interview with Conspire.com, Vallee said, “…it’s quite possible that some of the stories that you get from people are essentially induced hallucinations in sincere witnesses – the witnesses are not lying. They really have been exposed to something genuine…”

Vallee also wrote that, ‎”Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception.” (Messengers of Deception, pg 20) And, “Perhaps the most important effects from the UFO technology are the social ones and not the physical ones. In other words the physical reality may serve only as a kind of triggering device to provide images for the witness to report. These perceptions are manipulated to create certain kinds of social effects.”
We likewise affirm that (many of) those who report "alien abduction" today – and who sometimes witness and interact with alleged other people, alleged aliens, or even alleged “hybrid” children during these experiences – are not lying, but are indeed having experiences which really do happen to them. What Dr. Vallee called a “strange force” we identify as fallen angels, based largely on the fruit of torment and the anti-christ and unbiblical messages and belief systems routinely imparted during the experiences. (Compare also Dr. Vallee’s secular – ie, non-theological – word choice “induced hallucination” to one Strong’s definition of a vision (above) “an appearance presented to one whether asleep or awake.”)
Our scripturally based belief is that in every experience that the fantastical and extremely detailed experiences reported by those to whom “alien abduction” happens to, are visionary in nature – and are not “simply” illusions, dreams, or delusions. 

These very real dream and/or visionary experiences – initiated by a fallen angel's presence, who then simulate false or non-existent locations not in keeping with every day normalcy. The experiences are sometimes shared by multiple experiencers/witnesses who likewise see, feel or hear aspects of the vision. Any people perceived, however, during these commonly reported experiences (such as deceased relatives, alleged military or government personal), any non-human beings (such as grey aliens, reptilians, nordics, human-alien hybrids), and/or any locations (space ships, underground bases, hollow earth, other planets) should be interpreted as temporary constructs of the visionary experience – not as reflective of any lasting or permanent reality.
There is simply no evidence or scripturally sound argument to suggest that people are really taken to off-planet locations, nor that they are truly siring physically real children, as is also sometimes reported. They are indeed having real experiences, but ones that occur outside the physical reality we all currently share. When the vision is over, we believe that the planet, spaceship, hybrid children, underground locations, military personnel, “aliens” etc, simply cease to exist – at least until it serves the angel’s purposes to reconstruct them temporarily again, to further indoctrinate the individual into a deceptive belief system.

We are aware of the extensive and in some cases commendable research done by many secular authorities in the area of (alleged) “alien abduction” research and the exhaustive works they have done in listening to and documenting the experiences of the “abductees.” We believe however that what the victims of these events are reporting are intensely real (and traumatic) visionary experiences. 
We are also aware that many (women, especially) are under repeated tormenting experiences where they are given visions of their own half-alien child. We affirm that this is a deception to keep the woman open to and receptive of further visits by these fallen angelic entities, but affirm that the children in question are not “real” in any normal sense of the word. They “disappear” when the vision is over, only to be re-conjured when it suits the entities to visit the woman again.
We are also aware of a somewhat Christianized version of this deception. In the years since some Christians have become more aware of the deceptive agenda behind modern alien lore, and identified them as deceptive angels (opposed to genuine extra-terrestrial life forms from other planets), we have seen that some Christians teach today that the hybrids reported in such visions are indeed real - only that they are human-angel hybrids, rather than the secular deception of human-alien hybrids. 

Note that we do not affirm a belief in modern hybridization, nor see it as relevant to the topic of modern "alien abduction" cases - except for the purposes of causing greater confusion and deception. First, the "abductee" / experiencer is tormented and confused by what he/she sees in these visions. Then those who study their reports seem to accept the temporary vision as some permanent reality, and next build secular arguments or questionable doctrines based upon the visions. We emphasize again, that everything reported in these visions is given at the will of a fallen, deceptive angel, and should therefore not be believed as reflective of truth.

For Christians reading this material, please note that after several years of personally examining modern hybridization theory, we see no evidence to support such a conclusion. Nor do we see this view as a theologically sound position, nor an “air-tight” interpretation, especially when adding speculative but ultimately unprovable ideas, as some today do, about where these alleged hybrid children currently are (such as underground bases, the second heaven, hell, etc…) or by allowing the actions/visions of these fallen angels to fuel questionable interpretations of prophecy involving such "hybrids."

In listening and ministering to those who are experiencing the torment of various “alien abduction” scenarios, and in teaching the Body of Christ what we believe to be truth on this matter, know that we are committed to limiting our teachings only to what Bible does say and what can be supported with clear, orthodox scriptural interpretation. 

Put simply, the Bible teaches that angels can appear to people in dreams, and that they can induce very real panoramic visionary states that affect the mind, heart, soul and body. We believe that God has provided enough for us in the scriptures to interpret this modern phenomena, and that this explanation for the “alien abduction” scenario is both scriptural and sufficient; we see nothing in the UFO/Alien phenomena that does not have a precedent in the biblical records of angels, and nothing in the phenomena convincing enough to warrant a possible explanation not covered in scripture. 

In simply addressing some of the various “Christian” teachings that abound on this subject however, we affirm that there is no scriptural precedent for alien/angel – human hybrids being hidden in underground bases or the second heaven (which the Bible defines as outerspace). We also affirm there is NO scriptural precedent for “normal human"-looking angel/human hybrids “because angels have – via technology or inbreeding – somehow overcome the gigantism of the giants(nephilim).” (This is in reference to the Genesis 6 "sons of God" angels/Sethites interpretation controversy.) These are man-made speculations (which in some niche circles are in effect becoming “traditions” already) that in the minds of some seem to trump what the Word of God does say, and is “making the word of God of none effect” (Mark 7:13) to those who receive these teachings as sound, verifiable doctrine.

We affirm that those (again, usually women) who are experiencing such torment are (most often) telling the truth of their very real experiences of being shown “their child.” But we want them to know that the “children” in question are – as explained above – temporary constructs of the visionary experience, designed to keep you in the bondage of welcoming experiences with unholy, fallen entities, who are lying to you.

Additionally, we want all to know that any actual born, real and existing children are not alien/angel-human hybrids either, but are human - regardless of whatever experience you may have had. Such experiences are designed to cause you to doubt the humanity of real and existing children, to your and their spiritual detriment. The point of this deception is make people doubt their, or their children's, ability to receive the gospel of eternal salvation in Jesus Christ.

We have found that both men and women who receive the truth about the deceptive nature of the alleged aliens AND the alleged hybrid children receive relatively quick freedom through Jesus Christ from the tormenting and repeated harassment of these entities, while those who maintain the belief that the angels/aliens are holding their "real" child “somewhere”, or maintain the belief that their real existing children "are angel/alien hybrids", remain in bondage and experience continued torment, indoctrination, and/or visitations from these unholy angels.
However, the Biblical pattern and teaching that must be drawn when examining these reports, is that angels are creating scenarios that are genuinely real – for a time – to the experiencer, but that it is quite unbiblical to say that the there is permanent physicality (including hybrid children) to the experiences, aside from the noted limited physical "false signs and wonders" which remain, such as moved objects, or scars and bruises left on the individual, etc. (2 Thes 2:9) The emotional scars which can remain are much worse, and we affirm that there is hope and healing, salvation, victory, peace and joy available to you through relationship with the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. 

We also wish to publicly rebut, rebuke, and state that we abhor any stance or teaching that affirms or encourages violence and/or discrimination toward those who are perceived to be, or perceive themselves to be, human-looking hybrids (either alien/human or angel/human). While we do not personally believe such even existing is the case, we affirm that anybody human enough, flesh-and-blood, to be reading this, is eligible for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ’s atoning death and resurrection from the dead.
We are in strict opposition to certain teachings that human-looking hybrids cannot be saved, and we are aware that – sadly – eventually certain “fringe” element “loose cannon religious nut” types could at some point commit or condone violence towards those whom they perceive to be hybrids – based on the bad fruit of these teachings. We affirm that violence of any kind goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ, and openly condemn any act of violence or discrimination based upon belief in modern human-looking hybrids. This writing is in fact, in part, an effort to prevent such violence, discrimination, or denial of the gospel and loving Christian fellowship to someone based on outlandish teachings about modern hybrids that we see now beginning to emerge in certain (limited, niche) Christian circles.
We additionally call for any Christian teachers guilty of teaching such to recant any teaching that human-looking hybrids cannot be saved, both for the sake of those individuals accused of or wondering about this, and to prevent the bad fruit of violence and discrimination that will naturally follow as a result of promoting such a belief. We remind all that Christians especially are authorized to use only love, humility, self-sacrifice, prayer, fasting, and the preaching of God’s Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to combat the evils of this present age.
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…” Eph 6:12-19

“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God for the pulling down of strongholds. Casting down imaginations…” Cor 10:3-4
“Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.” Mark 16:15-16


*Please Also see “The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels” for more information on fallen angel Vision experiences.*



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