UFOs and Aliens - Spiritual Deception

Our goal is to present Biblical evidence that the phenomena and entities commonly referred to as "aliens" by popular culture are indeed spiritual in nature - opposed to genuinely extra-terrestrial - and is best described as the activity of "fallen angels" intent on deceiving mankind away from a knowledge of the true God and gospel of His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

"But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel… let him be accursed." (Galatians 1:8)

Malone asks "Do certain Christians say aliens are really demons based simply on an uninformed knee-jerk reaction to the unknown"

No. In fact, many theologians have historically argued that God could easily have created life on other planets, if He so chose. But what does an examination of 20th century sighting and abduction reports reveal? This video provides an overview of the messages, actions and abilities demonstrated by modern "aliens" with insight into the scriptural and theological arguments that logically support the fallen angel interpretation of the phenomena. You will better understand WHY many with a Biblical worldview have concluded that “alien” activity is a fallen angelic deception, and ultimately consider the reasoning behind the "demonic hypothesis" to be much more convincing than you thought possible.


The following series of articles cover the same material as in the video above. However in the following 8-part "Introductory Info" articles series, some of these topics are covered in far greater detail. Whether you've got a masters in communication or your degree completion was in psychology and human behavior, we believe you will find our evidence supporting a spiritual explanation for this phenomena compelling.

Evidence for a Spiritual Interpretation of Aliens and UFOs
by Guy Malone

The overall theme we're going to be discussing is how the modern-day documented reports of UFOs and Aliens actually do NOT suggest to many educated researchers that the phenomena that have been recorded for the last 50-60 years is in fact extra-terrestrial in origin.. ie, genuine biological intelligent life forms from other planets abducting, studying, or communicating with humans.. but rather, the documentation I'm going to be sharing will largely allow you to make up your own mind about the phenomenon, and perhaps you'll agree that what really going on is better described as spiritual in nature, and more to the point, better described as the deceptive spiritual entities warned about in The Bible.

Here's an overview of what we'll be covering in this "Introductory Info" series:

1. Recent Polls About UFOs & Aliens - Growing Trends of Beliefs

 2. Secular Researchers' Findings that UFO Activity is Not Extraterrestrial in Origin

3. Overview of Reasons Many Christians Think the Phenomena is Demonic/Fallen Angels

 4. "Alien Abductions" Stop in the name and authority of Jesus Christ

 5. "Alien Abductions" Compared to the False Visions and Terrifying Dreams Caused by Fallen Angels
6. The Deceptive Anti-biblical Messages of "Aliens" as Reported by Abductees and Contactees

 7. What Does The Bible Say About Life on Other Planets?

8. The Strong Delusion and End Times Prophecy

As an introduction, My work in this field began while I was still living in Nashville, Tennessee, right after the mass suicide of a group known as Heaven's Gate in 1997.

This image is from their website. At the bottom it reads "...the keys to Heaven's Gate are here again in Ti and Do ("The UFO Two" it says) as they – the alleged keys - were in Jesus and His Father 2000 years ago" (PP) This quote from the New York Times Company says the materials the group published claimed...

“Two members of the Kingdom of Heaven (or what some might call two aliens from space) incarnated into two unsuspecting humans in Houston..." "They consciously recognized that they were sent from space to do a task that had something to do with the Bible."


The idea that people would kill themselves based on something "aliens" told their group's leader about the Bible was quite shocking to me, and it set me on a journey of finding out how prevalent philosophies like this have been becoming in the last decade.

What I've since found in recent years is that there is indeed MUCH more credible documentation from very believable sources on this phenomenon of *alleged* aliens, communicating with humans.

Part 1:  Recent Polls About UFOs & Aliens - Growing Trends of Beliefs


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