Recommended Articles

"What's Behind UFO Cults?" by Guy Malone

"Did God create life on other planets?
Otherwise why is the universe so big?" by Gary Bates

"Appreciative, but Not Amazed by Wonders in the Sky"
by Michael S. Heiser

"UFOs and the Christian Worldview" by Jeff Scott

“Evolve This!” Hollywood’s Anti-Christian Agenda in the Film Paul"
 by Cris Putnam

"The Fourth Kind movie review, An artifice of alien abductions"
 by Gary Bates

"Flatland" excerpted from UFO End Time Delusion
by David Allen Lewis & Robert Shreckhise

Interview with Joe Jordan of the CE4 Research Group

"Prepare ye the way—the aliens are coming! Popular fantasy becomes cultural ‘fact’" by Gary Bates

Does the Bible tell us if there is life on other planets? by CARM

"Did life come from outer space?" by Russell Grigg

"Christians shaped by experiences rather than the ‘Bible first’ approach: There is danger in accepting ‘the physical reality’ of UFOs" by Gary Bates

"Atheism and Belief in Intelligent ET: Trusting in The Blessed Equation" by Michael S. Heiser, PhD

"God and the Extraterrestrials" by Werner Gitt

"Is the whole creation fallen?" by Gary Bates and Lita Cosner

"Are Aliens Negative From our Point of View?" by Dr. Karla Turner

"Building the Pyramids – It’s Not a Mystery" by Michael S. Heiser

"The Meaning of UFOs" by Fr. Seraphim Rose

"Designed by aliens? Discoverers of DNA’s structure attack Christianity" by Gary Bates

"Alien Implants" by Joe Jordan and Nicole Malone 

"The UFO phenomenon—growing and not going away!" by Gary Bates

"Proof of Ancient Aliens?" by Michael S. Heiser

"Similarities Between UFO Encounters And Demonic Encounters" by Rev. Daniel R. Jennings, M.A.

Satanic Ritual Abuse & Alien Abduction : Similarities and Differences

"Reaching out at Roswell" by Gary Bates


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