What's Behind UFO Cults?

In February of 2002, The History Channel flew Guy Malone to Los Angeles to interview him as part of a special entitled "UFOs in the Bible." Producer Gabe Vandervort sent Malone a list of 10 questions he would like Guy to discuss.

While grateful for the opportunity at first, please note that the special which aired DID NOT IN FACT faithfully represent Malone's answers, but instead merely spliced in certain things said to affirm the flawed premise of the show. They did this with others who have likewise gone on record saying the same was done to them. That story and Malone's response is here.

Question #4: What do you think is behind the belief systems of different UFO cults and their faithful reliance on salvation brought about by extraterrestrials (Heaven’s Gate)?

Today, most of these UFO "cult leaders" as we call them, are contactees or abductees. They have no biblical paradigm to work with for what’s going on, so they believe whatever these beings tell them. 500 years ago, little people with big black eyes that spirited people away to caves, poked them with magic wands and had lewd sex were called elves and fairies. 1000s of years ago they were mermaids and sea gods. Well, now we’re a technological society, so they’re telling us they’re extra-terrestrials flying here in their spaceships.

The people who have contact these beings however, almost universally become New Age acolytes, and they’ll eventually either join a "UFO cult" or they’ll start one. Much of the church does a pretty poor job at relating to these people though, as many churches are not equipped (yet) to really give these millions of experiencers an answer to what’s happening to them. Some tend to just write them off as crazy. One of the things I’m kind of infamous for saying is that if you walked into a church and told a pastor you were abducted by aliens and you wanted help, 95% of them would probably refer you to a psychiatrist before they would refer you to Jesus Christ or the Bible for your healing.

But then they meet some New Ager or a "cult leader" … THEY tell them "Hey we’ve got a group of people just like you… why don’t you come to our meeting… why don’t you tell us your story… if you’re really good at it, we’ll put you on the speaker circuit and you can write a book." I’m obviously being sarcastic, but that’s the way it goes. These are people with real experiences and really tough questions, who much of the church sadly has a tendency to write off, but they go to these other groups and they find acceptance, they find community, and they even find a purpose, or a mission in becoming "ambassadors" for the aliens.

"How a member of
the Kingdom of Heaven
might appear..."

according to the
Heaven's Gate UFO Cult

You can read online the primary doctrines of the The Raelian Religion, The Nibiruan Council, The Urantia Foundation, Heaven’s Gate, and they all say close to the same thing, they just usually disagree about where "their aliens" actually come from. But most say that the aliens really created humans, they’ve been advancing our technology over the centuries, they sent us "leaders" like Moses, Buddha, and Jesus, AND whoever the top dog in their group happens to be! This person is usually also the aliens "final prophet." They say that the aliens are here to help us. Most will use the Bible to support their claims. They just re-interpret it as one big UFO story where God is really just an advanced alien from another planet. The Mormons even say this, and they call themselves Christians. Most UFO cults identify themselves with Christianity in some way also, they’re just very hostile to the doctrines of the Bible, and especially to Christians who haven’t come into "their knowledge."

While I've clearly said this situation is in part the church’s fault - for not addressing this exploding trend from a sound biblical perspective - however, individuals also make choices to reject God for other reasons too. When you ask "what’s behind the UFO cults" the quick answer is found in 1 Timothy Chapter 4, which says that in the latter days, people will abandon the Christian faith "...giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils."

People today are in UFO cults because they are following the doctrines of these fallen angels we’re talking about. The bottom line is, they’re worshipping false gods. I don’t think they’re generally crazy though, they’re just in contact with entities the Bible warns about - for those who will read it anyway.


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